IPEC is focused on Life Safety Solutions assisting clients to identify and mitigate security challenges..

Life Safety Solutions strives to provide a stress free environment and will give you the highest quality and effective health and safety products, training, sales, consulting and program management. By providing high quality, cost effective, comprehensive safety, healthcare training and consulting we aim to increase the chance of saving a life while decreasing liability..

Using the strength and quality of our experience, we provide advanced solutions for customers throughout Oman.

Fire & afety Solutions include:

Fire Supression System: A Special Hazards Suppression System is intended for high-hazard, high-value manufacturing processes or specialty equipment requiring a combination of electrical and mechanical fire protection systems. Let IPEC create a solution for you.

Fire Alarm System: The unique modularity and future-proof platform of IPEC fire protection system gives you the freedom for future expansions or adaptations to changing requirements.

CCT Surveillance System: Available with us is a wide range of CCTV Surveillance System which is important while delivering highly professional security services. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems that we offer are used for remote surveillance that helps our clients in monitoring the work premises.

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